Our Vision

Our Vision

The vision of our joint venture with Land O’ Lakes is to be the largest feed manufacturer by value in 10 years.

This vision is supported by a number of factors:

  1. Kenya has one of the most progressive and sophisticated dairy industries in Africa which presents a huge opportunity
  2. The new venture has access to un-rivalled global expertise and experience in Dairy Nutrition that we can leverage from Land O Lakes. This means that the new venture is able to develop futuristic Animal Nutrition Solutions that optimize the performance of Kenyas livestock in a way that can not be matched by any of the existing manufacturers giving the new venture a right to win

So far, Bidco Land O Lakes has been able to demonstrate this expertise by formulating performance diets that have demonstrated value beyond what the Kenyan Market thought possible.

  1. Leveraging the company’s access to world-class animal nutritionists in the United States that have been able to optimize formulations of the existing diets that now perform at a much higher level than they have been under Bidco
  2. Implemented sound Manufacturing process that starts with a strict choice of ingredients, screening of all inbound ingredients to make sure they comply to our strict standards in both nutritive values and mycotoxins
  3. Instituting an independent QC department that qualifies all feeds before release to the market by subjecting them to strict lab analysis and tests to ensure they meet all specification