Chick and Duck Mash

Bidco Feeds - Chick Mash

Chick and Duck Mash

A nutrient dense, highly palatable and rich diet for raising layer chicks & ducks from hatch to 8 weeks of age. This feed is complete with 19% protein, a perfect start for a strong chick and early hen development.


  • Formulated with high energy and protein levels
  • Fortified with coccidiostat
  • Formulated with toxin binders
  • Adequate calcium and phosphorous
  • Use of specialized enzymes

Product Benefits

  • Faster growth rate providing a strong healthy bird with 780 grams live weight at 8 weeks
  • Prevents coccidiosis in young birds
  • Delivers high quality and consistent feed by binding and inactivating mycotoxins hence healthy chicks
  • Delivers the right levels of calcium and phosphorous needed for strong skeletal development
  • Improves the digestibility and absorption of the feed
  • Reduces wet droppings and odor

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