Fast-Grow Broiler Starter Mash

Fast-Grow Broiler Starter Mash

Fast-Grow Broiler Starter Mash

A broiler starter feed that is designed to be a highly palatable and well-balanced diet using high levels of quality protein and fat for a quick and healthy start.


  • Highly palatable
  • Fortified with yeast based ingredients
  • Formulated with toxin binders
  • Balanced with energy, protein, vitamins and trace minerals
  • Ideal amino acid balancing with synthetic amino acids

Product Benefits

  • Entices the young bird to start eating quickly for efficient gains
  • Supports the developing bird’s immune system and improves intestinal function to optimize weight gain, feed efficiency and health and wellness
  • Delivers high quality and consistent feed by binding and inactivating mycotoxins
  • Delivers the right nutrition to maximize development and growth
  • Improved dietary amino acid balance to reduce nitrogen excretion and supply the correct ratio of amino acids for efficient growth
  • Improves the digestibility and absorption of the feed and reduces wet droppings and odour
  • Better digestibility, intake, gain and feed conversion over mash feeds

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