High Quality Layers Mash

Bidco Feeds - Layers Mash

High Quality Layers Mash

Formulated for optimum nutrition during the laying period to provide faster attainment of peak and sustained egg production at peak. A 17%-protein, high-calcium diet formulated with yeast and enzymes to support gut health and digestion for top-producing laying hens.


  • High energy and protein levels
  • Fortified with yeast and enzymes
  • Well balanced with calcium and phosphorous ration
  • Fortified with xanthophyll

Product Benefits

  • Early attainment of peak production and prolonged laying period and over 80 percentage
  • To support gut health and digestion hence high production
  • Strong shell, less breakages, resulting in high profitability
  • Yellow-yolked, tasty and appealing eggs hence more repeat orders

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