Pro Calf Milk Replacer

Pro Calf Milk Replacer

Land O' Lakes - Pro Calf Milk Replacer

Pro Calf Milk Replacer

The Pro Calf Milk Replacer is for calves that are 3 days old to 60 days old. It is feed having nutritional qualities comparable to mother’s milk that is given to young animals when mother’s milk is not available


  • Land O’Lakes Advanced Nutrition exclusive formulation
  • High quality, digestible protein
  • Enhanced with a combination of three specifically selected probiotics for gut health
  • Fully fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Early weaning at 8-9 weeks of age as opposed to 20 weeks

Product Benefits

  • Balance protein, fat and carbohydrates to optimize calf growth.
  • Support proper nutrition to maintain healthy calves
  • Unique formula for high mixability in water at the proper temperature
  • Innovative flavor to encourage calves to drink
  • Consistent nutrition that has been shown to provide higher milk production after calving
  • High protein digestibility to grow taller and longer and healthier calves
  • Supports the natural gut micro-flora to reduce scours
  • Less potential for environmental disease to infect the calf
  • Blankets the intestinal system to protect from bad environmental bugs
  • Positive effect on feed digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Improves the appetite of animals to consume grain and assist in quicker rumen development
  • Calves are healthier and bright-eyed
  • Calf hair coat is improved
  • Improved response to vaccinations and stressors

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