Sow and Weaner Meal

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Sow and Weaner Meal

A versatile, all-natural 16.5% complete feed that provides all the nutrition for sows & weaners, developing gilts and breeding boars. Contains high levels of top quality protein and cereals with enzymes to help aid in digestion.


  • Carefully selected flavor added to enhance aroma and taste
  • Formulated with toxin binders
  • Balanced with energy, protein, vitamins and trace minerals
  • Ideal amino acid balancing with synthetic amino acids
  • Use of specialized enzymes

Product Benefits

  • Encourages sow feed consumption for optimized sow and litter performance
  • Encourages early feed consumption for fast starts for the weaner pig. Early growth advantages can be maintained to market weight
  • Delivers high quality and consistent feed by binding and inactivating mycotoxins
  • Precisely formulated nutrients to optimize swine growth and performance
  • Improved dietary amino acid balance to reduce nitrogen excretion in manure and supply the correct ratio of amino acids for efficient growth
  • Reduces ammonia release within the gastro-intestinal tract to reduce odor and support gut health
  • Improves the digestibility and absorption of the feed to optimize pig performance

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